Of Dusk

by Rivers

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released June 11, 2014

Recorded Aug. 2012 - Feb. 2014 in various aparments,
bedrooms & basements in Eau Claire, WI & Boston, MA
Engineered by Dexter Wolfe, Leo Strei and S. Carey
Mixed by Brent Sigmeth at Littlebig Studio, Canon Falls, MN
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice
Produced by Dexter Wolfe
Co-produced by S. Carey
Album artwork by Michael Jacobs
Album design by Dexter Wolfe
Copyright © 2014 Rivers. All Rights Reserved.

Guitars, Rhodes, Bells & Vocals by Dexter Wolfe
Drums & Percussion by Colin Carey
Upright Bass & Rhodes (track 1) by Pat Kuehn
Viola by Maureen Heflinger (tracks 4, 7, 9)
Violin by Abigale Reisman (tracks 4, 7, 9)
Trumpet by Jake Baldwin (tracks 6, 7)
Trombone by John Cushing (track 4)
Pedal Steel by Ben Lester (tracks 1, 3)
Guitar Solo by Sam Lisabeth (track 7)
String & horn arrangements by Dexter Wolfe & Pat Kuehn
All songs written by Dexter Wolfe



all rights reserved


Rivers Eau Claire, Wisconsin

'Of Dusk' out June 11.
Pre-orders now available.

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Track Name: Weeping Willow
beneath yellow leaves / with rolled up sleeves / eyes lost in the branches / of your family tree / a weeping willow / she cries all night long / some sad, sad song / yet no one knows what’s wrong / maybe her branches just need to be trimmed / or that she feels naked in october’s wind / her trunk is crooked / the frost bites her toes / no one cares for her /as winter comes and goes
Track Name: Even If
you are a wolf on my wall / watching me from a frame / loving me twelve years ago / i live in your name / but how you became what you became / and why you lost what you lost / is still a cruel mystery / that lives inside a wolf / who stares eternally still / into a black well / the remains of you are inside of me / and your complexion now isn’t what it used to be / you live as an idea more so than physically / you are a wolf on my wall / living in night and dreams / giving me your love still / even if indirectly
Track Name: Rivers
goodbye to this last spanish night / where the branches bow down / to that which reflects silhouettes / a river of bats flyin round // goodbye streets of stone / ill miss your walking paths / as light guides me home / mother moon sits and laughs // goodbye my friends for now / we will see one another day / and this song of farewell / will call us back your way // goodbye loving looks / of curious innocence / a novel, hidden smile / revealing true romance // goodbye my secret love / your name i’ll never tell / of dawn you remind me / of dusk you shall remain
Track Name: Saudade
did you forget something / did you leave a part behind / do you miss someone so much that
you might lose your mind / did it make sense to leave someone in love / now that time has past
and she is who you’re thinking of / are you alone without a place stay / how did you leave so many beautiful days // separated by a sea / left solely with memory / of a love left in the past / and these words that speak of her
Track Name: Deluge
rain on the sun less day / floods come to clean up / humans from the world / once again / returns / it once again wants to once again / return to the place it was / before we came / and memory of humanity will wash away / into the sea
Track Name: The Locket
you said you’d come home / again / i read your letters / hidden / in time / we will find / some secrets / of those whom we love / we won’t forget // will i find some sign of regret / or will i lose my mind in search of it // your soul exposed on the page / it makes your love feel like a cage // when i try to pry / to unlock it / the hold of the cold / wont submit // she held your face / in her pocket / it’s a blur in her oval locket // in her place of grace / she was replaced / and in your leave conceived / new life embraced
Track Name: America
she called your name / but not in one word / she never could keep quiet / someone always heard / you thought you saw a light / you felt some hope return / but she still closed the door / and left your heart to burn / you got in the car to flee / from this place all was dead / you tried to get away from / all of those thoughts in your head / but when you reached the coast / you knew right then and there / that you would need to find a ship / to take you back over there / america / you’re full of promise / only when away / but upon return / to those states / i don’t wanna stay / so you casted off to sea / the horizon ahead / and while heading out you heard / that which you thought was dead / though by the time it came / rolled in a terrible storm / but not one of wind and rain / rather it was a brainstorm / thoughts whipped in new dimensions / you were sure to implode / and as the i of it rolled in / its true nature showed / it was her calling your name / that belle cracked a toll / you discovered there was no escape / on your heart she had a hold / america / you’re full of promise / only when away / but upon return / to those states / i don’t wanna stay
Track Name: Perennial Love
seeded in may on the side of a road / the natal day i felt my heart bode / looming love needing sun and rain / it was birth of a floral love / the stem was cut before june / before the solstice came / three months without bloom / to return in autumn’s name / in winter’s grip a flower may die / november we must say goodbye / but with sun’s love annuals come anon / perennial love is never gone / and with each dawn’s rising sun / chloro-love-phylls me anon / cyclical birth blossoms / my pollen’s sewed and life goes on / each year another node / again the flower burgeons / growing to be old / in spring perennial love comes
Track Name: Where Thought Lies, Death Ripples
it was the start of something beautiful / i heard her heart and tripped, well… i fell right down / she told me all about her family / i saw the years fall in flakes of snow upon her ears // we die in an instant / but ripples wander as we ponder the meaning // branches wove into a bed direct above my head / as i learned what the river meant to have said / she told me, dex don’t you dare to fear your fate / ‘cause fate’s a lie and you’re a guy with flocks full of doors // we die in an instant / but ripples wander as we ponder the meaning